The Islands

Not two Island in the Maldives is the same. They all come with their unique differences and Island culture. We make it easy to explore them all.

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Nature at its finest

The island boasts a history rooted in the freedom & autonomy of Maldives ...
Home to the paragliding experience by the Maldives Sky Sports Association.
The islanders have a local sport known as "Naalun" which is played nowhere else.
With a recent pivot to local tourism, the island thrives and is seeing growth.
Formerly two separate islands, reclamation combined them into a single island.
Home to a 400-year-old protected Barringtonia Asiatica, a type of mangrove.
The island is known as the home of two freed African slaves by a Maldivian king.
A fishing island, its best known for its various fish processing techniques.