The Islands

Not two Island in the Maldives is the same. They all come with their unique differences and Island culture. We make it easy to explore them all.

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Nature at its finest

It is said that the freedom of the Maldives people was fought and won here!
The island is known as the home of two freed African slaves by a Maldivian king.
Rich in its archeological history, the island is home to multiple "Stupa" ruins.
The island has a deep history of traditional medicine and a vibrant economy.
Nicknamed "Baraboa Magoodhoo" because of the Islander's love for pumpkin juice.
The island boasts a history rooted in the freedom & autonomy of Maldives ...
With its expansive land and high treetops, the island is known for agriculture.
Home to a 400-year-old protected Barringtonia Asiatica, a type of mangrove.
This island is home to the famous mystic popularly known as Lhaimagu Faqeeraa.