How It Works

We make buying a villa on private land in the Maldives easy. We use state-of-the-art tech solutions to enable you to design, build and manage your villa at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

We make buying a vacation villa on private land in the Maldives easy. We use state-of-the-art tech solutions to enable you to design, build and manage your villa at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

Our custom-built Concierge Service dashboard lets you select your location, architects, construction team and interior designers as well as monitor progress and manage billing. And our bespoke property management portal allows you to remotely order housekeeping, maintenance and even sublet your property to guests, hassle-free, while you’re not using it.

Read on to discover how to own a Maldives dream villa in seven easy steps. The additional two steps at the end describe how Atoll.Homes will help you manage and maintain it while you’re away.

We have curated a list of islands that are perfect for a luxurious holiday villa.

Pick an island online

Browse our online catalog of beautiful islands and choose whichever one appeals the most to your desires and requirements. We work with dozens of inhabited islands across the length and breadth of the Maldives.

Our catalog explains the unique charms of each island as well as practical aspects like size, topography, amenities, population density and distance from international airports to aid you in making your decision.

Register for our remote Concierge Service

Once you’ve selected an island, sign up to our remote Concierge Service. Our custom-built Concierge Service dashboard and property management portals will now guide you through every step of the process, from plot purchase and construction to the ongoing management and maintenance of your property.

Simply input your choice of island on the intuitive dashboard then pay the deposit to get the ball rolling. We will send a scout to the island to identify and personally inspect current plots of land for sale. The scout will compile a detailed report (including photographs and measurements) to assist you in choosing a plot.

Digitally sign on the dotted line

Choose whichever plot you prefer and we will then prepare all the necessary legal documents for the purchase of your land. They will be emailed to you for your digital signature. Once you have signed it and paid for the land purchase we will execute the purchase for you and send you written confirmation of your ownership of the private plot of land.

We stagger any subsequent billing for design and construction so that each payment will correspond to the completion of each respective phase.

Collaborate with experienced architects & designers to create your perfect island home.

Design your villa from home

Now you’re ready to design your dream villa. Our concierge panel will offer you a selection of our architecture and construction partners. You can choose from our portfolio of the most reputable and established firms in the Maldives to turn your vision into a reality.

We only work with established service providers who offer the highest standards of work. They will directly discuss your ideas with you then transform them into blueprints and plans. 

Work with the best builders to construct your custom home.

Build your villa remotely

The next step is to use our concierge dashboard to choose a construction firm from our list of trusted partners. Our construction partners have decades of experience in building luxury properties in the Maldives. Once they have received the green light from you they will mobilize a construction team and materials to start construction.

You will receive updates via the dashboard in the form of images, videos, PDFs and messages which can be viewed, commented on and discussed. This system helps build confidence in our process and gives assurances the project is running smoothly.

They will also make arrangements to import materials from overseas if you have requested any materials that are not available in the Maldives. When construction is complete you’ll receive another notification on the concierge dashboard that the next bill is due.

Bring your perfect home to life by decorating the interior remotely.

Beautify your space - from anywhere

Upon payment for construction, you can choose an interior designer or decorator from our Concierge Service dashboard to move in to complete your new villa according to your specifications and tastes.

You will be able to follow updates on progress via our concierge dashboard. Upon completion of the interior, the final payment is due.

Receive your keys

Once construction and decoration is complete, the final installment of your payment is due. Upon receiving it we’ll hand over the keys. We’ll send you a welcome package with the keys included inside. It will be mailed to your home address via a secure global shipping service.

Keep your property in mint condition by managing remotely and earn passive rental revenue.

Let us manage your property

We take the worry out of owning a leasehold property by managing it for you for a low annual maintenance fee of 1.5% of its value to ensure your property remains in mint condition while you are away.

During this time, you may also wish to monetize your property by subletting it to private guests. You can also use our property management portal to request housekeeping, gardening and maintenance services.

Earn a passive income

If you decide you want to make a passive income from your property while you’re not in the Maldives, We can manage every aspect of that for you and you can keep an eye on the progress via our property management portal.

We can obtain a special license for your villa that would allow you to host paying guests in your property for an additional charge. Our portal will keep you updated of progress on the license application. Then we’ll take the hassle out of finding guests by using our networks to source a flow of paying guests.