Buying Guide

The lowdown on buying a vacation property with Atoll.Homes

We share decades of experience in real estate, tech and hospitality between our team. With headquarters in the USA and the Maldives, we’re the ultimate authority on buying a vacation home in the Maldives. This is our guide for foreign investors wanting to buy a vacation property in the Maldives.


Island Curation

We have curated a list of dozens of islands that are perfect for our dual purpose of providing you with a luxurious holiday villa whilst also supporting the local economy. We carefully considered the tropical aesthetics, beaches and idyllic island atmosphere. We looked at logistics, amenities and number crunched the population stats (we even used our bespoke algorithm to help us identify the perfect islands for you). And we came up with a comprehensive catalog of alluring locations


Navigating the legal landscape

At present Maldivian laws stipulate that foreigners can only own property on a leasehold basis, which must be purchased through a Maldivian company. Atoll.Homes is registered both in the USA and the Maldives. We arrange the leasehold agreement according to Maldivan laws and using a local solicitor, as required by law, who will also check the title deed of the property against the government record and make any necessary arrangements on your behalf. Our properties are sold with leases of up to 50 years which can be extended for a subsequent 49 years for a fee if desired. The sale is subject to a 12% Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you decide to sublet your vacation home via Atoll Homes’ holiday sublet management service, income and capital gains are taxed at the business tax rate of 15%. The land purchase and leaseholder arrangements are conducted in accordance with the Maldives Land Act 2002. There are currently no mortgage options for foreigners in the Maldives. Should you require it, we will provide you with a means of dispute resolution via foreign arbitration. The Maldives is not a party to the New York Convention, but foreign arbitral awards are enforced under Section 72 of the Arbitration Act (Law No.: 10/2013). For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.


Remote Management

The entire process of obtaining your Maldives dream villa is seamlessly managed remotely via our end to end solution. We created a concierge dashboard that covers billing, selecting construction and decorating services and even things like maintenance, housekeeping and holiday sublets if you’d like to earn a passive income on your property while you’re not using it. We work with the best local firms to turn your vision of a villa into reality whilst supporting Maldivian tradespeople, designers and other service providers.


Social responsibility

Behind the scenes, we work on reinvesting a percentage of your purchase into the local economy via socially responsible projects such as building new wells or rainwater harvesting facilities, new facilities for schools, supporting the traditional lifestyle of island residents and much more.

Answer a few questions and we will help you find the place of your dreams