About Us

Atoll Homes is a new venture in the Maldives that for the first time enables foreigners to buy vacation villas on private land in the Maldives. We provide a suite of services to fully support you on this journey and throughout your ownership. Until recently it was only possible for non-Maldivians to purchase luxury villas on resort islands but now you can experience the ‘real’ Maldives with a holiday villa nestled on an inhabited island.

Seamless Solutions

We meet at the intersection between tech, real estate, tourism and effective altruism. Our properties offer foreign owners for the first time in the Maldives a sustainable, transparent and ethical way to own a holiday villa on private land. 

We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from choosing and purchasing a plot of land to the design, construction and management of your vacation villa. And we make everything a snap via our bespoke digital platform, which even includes options for housekeeping, maintenance and managing holiday sublets while you’re not using the property.

Philanthropic Heart 

Importantly, we view ourselves as a philanthropic enterprise. You can own your dream home in the beautiful Maldives knowing you’re contributing to the local community. To make this possible, Atoll Homes has carefully curated a catalog of islands with the most potential for positive social impact through our initiatives. Starting with the purchase of land, sourcing of labor, materials and ongoing maintenance and housekeeping services; buying a vacation villa from Atoll Homes makes a direct contribution to the local economy.

We reinvest a percentage of our profits transparently to help sustain the traditional lifestyles of the islanders and contribute towards significant community, economic or humanitarian initiatives, from creating new jobs for caretakers to providing opportunities for auxiliary services such as watersports, transportation, housekeeping and retail businesses.

Atoll Homes is Maldivian-owned and operated, so nobody knows the Maldives like we do. We are officially registered in the United States and as such offer you the consumer protections afforded by U.S. laws, consolidated by the Maldives’ comprehensive Land Act, giving you peace of mind for your property investment.

Experience the Maldives ethically with a custom-built luxury vacation villa from Atoll.Homes.